So I’m going to make another Barley Wine

So I’m going to make another Barley Wine. The last time I made a Barley Wine was 2 years ago, yesterday. And for inspiration I had to open a bottle for notes. When this was first brewed I absolutely hated it. It was peaty to the point of peated scotch, esters of pungent fig flew in your face, and the solventy nature of the 11.3% alcohol made it a little uncomfortable. Well I have to say that after 2 years he is beautiful! I mean we’re talking about a sweet malt aroma with hints of apricot and alcohol. A very creamy tan head that dissipates after a bit. It’s a burgundy color with hints of ruby. There is a definite alcoholic edge to this guy and he warms you I more ways than one. Its’ flavor is sweet with more dried fruit perceptions and a medium carbonation level. There’s definitely still a hint of its’ solventy roots, but it really has mellowed dramatically with time, and he is pretty smooth. So after the encouragement I weighed out the next guy!