About Us

BrewLab is a Bay Area home brewers’ collective dedicated to supporting the local home brew scene and connecting home brewers to beer fans. We run a hackspace where brewers can come learn about home brewing and contribute to beer-related projects, like growing hops, barrel-aging beer, making brewing equipment, and inventing new beer tech. We work with brand new home brewers and semi-pro brewers alike. We also teach classes to introduce more people to home brewing and host tasting events throughout the year to help home brewers get quality feedback on their beers.

BrewLab was started in spring 2011, and is currently run by Sam Gilbert and Matt Smith. You may have heard of us as the ‘homebrew CSA’. In our early days we shared variety packs of homebrew among BrewLab members. BrewLab has since grown by leaps and bounds–we’ve given up the CSA act, opting instead to bring our community of home brewers and homebrew fans together face-to-face at current lab space.

Fun fact: did you know Cannabis and hops have quite a bit in common. Cannabis includes both hops and marijuana. Marijuana doesn’t work as a way to make beer bitter. Hops, well we all know, they are an incredible agent for creating a bitter flavoring. Hops and marijuana both contain terpenes. Cannabis beer homebrew companies have been experimenting with mixing these ingredients for years.