Are you using a terpene with your marijuana?  Legal cannabis is going to open a lot of opportunities for small breweries. They know how to infuse perfect mixes of hops and other flavoring, so with legalization they can use their mixing expertise to open up whole new lines of products….or not.  It’s up for debate. Is craft beer and craft bud two industries that should be closely aligned?  Are the people that will now frequent stores to buy terpenes and buds the same ones that go microbreweries?

Terpenes are diluted to safe levels before being added to cannabis. They have dosing ranges that change depending on the ingredients. Typically the actual terp concentrate amount in a liquid is only 1%. Every mixture is different and is dependant on if you are using them for flavor or changing the physical/mental effects of recreational cannabis. Brewers have the equipment and experience to safely work with terps, as it’s important to consider these precautions:

  • Fire extinguisher nearby
  • eyewash station nearby needed
  • Plenty of ventilation in the room – brew labs already consider the environment needed for their vats..
  • No smoking or flames close by
  • eye protection needed

And while you’re making flavorful beers, consider the other big flavor of the day: e-juice from companies like MyFreedomSmokes is hot, hot, hot. There are serious regulations in place now for selling the juice people use in their Vapes, but if it’s DIY for your own use, go for it. If they don’t already have an “IPA” flavor to vape, well that might be mighty tasty.Alcohol vaping is– maybe– something to think about. The vaporizer would need to be altered. The battery heats the alcohol to at least 174 fahrenheit. At 174 degrees that is well, smoking hot, and the vape process does it’s magic.  Bottom line, though, is this is not the most safest trick in the book.  Think twice, and read more here:



Meal Plans Are Blowing Up in Popularity. Do We Need More “Beer Plans”

meal plans

Food consumption is affected worldwide by continued strong interest in healthy living. According to Euromonitor, global sales of healthy food products are estimated to reach $1 trillion in 2017. In Nielsen’s 2015 Global Health Survey, customers today focus on two directions for healthy food: naturalness and nutritional value. Although healthy diets are popular around the world, their appearance is different between the USA and South East Asia.

Finding the right things to eat can be a challenge in any city. This is true whether you live in  Houston or Ho Chi Minh City! Meal plan delivery type business models aren’t new. The most popular marks the offer a wide variety of meals across different cuisines, providing flexible meal-ordering options, and delivery. It may be time for  a bigger, better beer-plan delivery .